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Midheaven signs can relate to the professional calling, and the individual may dream finding meaningful work in translating, journalism, literature, public speaking, writing and teaching.

Gemini Midheaven: Career, Reputation & Destiny

It is likely the person will gravitate towards professions that are chaotic, communicative and enable further learning. Gemini midheaven individuals are known by the public for their voice and butterfly spirit. The duality in their nature reflects in divided ambition and desire. There is celestial lightness, intellect and playfulness to the expression, a sort of enigmatic puzzle for the public to piece together.

There will be a spiraling ,erratic energy seeming to radiate from the Gemini Midheaven person. He will likely have good public speaking skills and excel at broadcasting to a large audience. He seems to know what people are thinking. Many careers and educational courses will fascinate him, especially teaching, journalism, writing, media, blogging, although he really is a jack of all trades.

He will have trouble pinning down his true hopes and dreams. A profession that provides him the opportunity for communication is imperative, and he may remain a permanent student.

It could take them years, but once they set their mind on achieving something, they will never, ever give up. They won't accept "no" for an answer, and they'll continually, steadily pursue their goals, although they could benefit from hustling a little bit harder, as they can be very lazy about getting there.

Gemini midheavens need a career to be fast moving and engaging, otherwise it's not uncommon to see them pursuing two careers at once with the same vigor. They get bored with routine, and therefore thrive in environments that make use of their adaptability and curious mind, like communications, journalism, media, or marketing.


gemini midheaven on Tumblr

Cancer Midheavens are natural nurturers, with a lot of compassion and an artistic, creative approach to their work. They may have a lot of ups and downs in their career because of an innate restlessness that is caused by suppressing their emotional side. They need a career that allows them to utilize their intuition and their ability to care for others. They make fantastic chefs, social workers, teachers, and life coaches. Leo Midheavens go after their goals with unwavering faith in themselves; they're courageous in their choices and decisions, but should look out for an attitude of arrogance or impatience.

Midheaven in Gemini Man

They excel in careers that put them in the spotlight, or in the public eye in some way — as motivational speakers, actors, singers, or dancers. Anything that allows them to shine like the stars they are. Virgo Midheaven people have an eye for detail, and a gift for analysis and criticism. They excel in any career that allows them to apply their perfectionistic tendencies to good use, and their interest in bettering both themselves and the world around them.

Libra has a talent for presenting themselves with diplomacy and charm, as they pride themselves on their ability to seek balance. They are always out to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and are willing to fight for it if need be. They excel as lawyers, managers, judges, or couple's therapists.

Midheaven in Astrology

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Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Possible Solutions Narrow down the career path Separate interests that will always be hobbies from interests that have career potential Pick one interest to pursue and stick to it Ask: What is my ultimate goal and how do I get there? Visualize the end result Assess current skills More education- is it necessary? Find someone who is doing what I want to do and ask them how they did it directly from the book Create a step by step guide to reach the ultimate goal- with a time frame Set small, realistic goals along the way Tap into Gemini energy and build a career network Talk to everyone who is doing something vaguely similar to what I want to do Stop doing everything except focusing on career objectives Calm the mind.