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Birthdate Candles — A Reading and Scent Uniquely for Your Birthday

Not only can you think clearly, you see the folly around you. Or is that holiday foliage? The New Moon is a trickster. In your solar fourth house, where you live may be in the midst of change. Or are those decorations for the season?

December 7 Birthday Astrology

You enjoy a sense of peace in the midst of holiday madness. Be sure to rest, then allow yourself to help others. Planets in the throes of change need warriors. The New Moon starts your bold chapter of truth. You are getting through it. You can share, yet briefly, without feelings holding you hostage. Your finesse is stepped up with Mercury now direct.

The New Moon helps you assess risk-taking with your finances. You are likely to move up a level. Romance finds you. Not every Sagittarius agrees with all others. Each sign has different levels of soul focus within.

That said, most Sags agree on a straightforward, truthful accounting. The New Moon is in your sign. It offers a chance to begin a new chapter. Mercury, now direct, transits to your sign. Communications are quick. Walk a straight line.

What Does the New Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

You will be in your element. Yours is the final earth sign before things start over again. The New Moon and Mercury transit to your solar twelfth house. Moments intersect with deep realms to help out. You are wise this week. Enjoy it. Just when you think bumps in the road will never end, the path becomes paved. The New Moon starts another chapter, one you have earned. Immediate possibilities may be time-sensitive, but there are far more than before. A part of you becomes free again. Mercury transits to make conversations with friends and groups enjoyable. Work details are easier to accept.

Born December 7

Today, in this world of information that is coming and overwhelming our lives, making it even more chaotic, numerology, astrology and Astro-numerology and all related disciplines, are in a way reduced mainly to a small part of existing abilities; for example forecasting. People are in some way very interested in knowing what will happen to them in the future, much more than discovering their inner abilities and working hard on them in some meaningful way.

But this should not be intimidating for you, you should use the best out of it, especially if we can provide you with all the necessary information that you can use to benefit your lives. Today we are looking into the lives of the people who are born on December 7, and who belong to Sagittarius Zodiac sign. Naturally, those who are born on December 7 have a clear and quick mind, they are strongly intuitive, and sometimes also make themselves appear more confident than these people actually are. Persons who are born on December 7 are typically Sagittarius people in some ways, since they need a lot of free time, as it is also important not to ask for much from themselves, they are not fans of obligations and responsibilities, but this does not mean that they are not good workers and that they neglect their families.

They can be maybe called laid back people, why not. When they are younger, these people can show many talents of which much is expected, but these talents throughout their lives are entirely lost, or to be more specific they can be lost if not nurtured. Here we come to the one more characteristic of these people — they can be lazy, and neglect some important things in their lives, especially the talents and skills that they are born with. Those who are born on December 7 are very sensitive people who have much more chance of coming to life later.

If happiness accompanies them and in the life of people who value and promote their talents, their uniqueness can be unique. They are wise, intelligent lovers who have a powerful energy that always leads them to the centre of all events. They are incredibly authentic and often have an exciting relationship with people, with partners also. In any case, they are appreciated by people who have the strength to go their way regardless of the way they are.

Very strange, no one could think that, but they are really humble people, but their lovers are never safe with them, they can surprise their close loved. They have no intention of giving up individuality for any lover, but they are known for confusing his environment in what they want from love, but they do not see anything confusing to them. What confused others is their confusion with of friendship with love and love with a habit. In their contact with lovers, they are remarkably free, open and direct; if you are a traditionalist, please, skip these people.

Their confidentiality is often a stumbling block and source of love struggles.

December 7 – December 13

As all Sagittarius people, these also are inclined to think about the big things, they like to search their purpose somewhere among the stars, but maybe these people have a point and should think big, and aim great goals, in the end, they have all qualities to back this ambition. Because if these people who belong to the December 7 live with the best qualities that they have in lives, even if they do not achieve that highest goal, still they can accomplish anything that is in their area of work by putting minimal efforts.

They have an innate honesty that will prevent them from engaging in any kind of work that is not honorable.